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Shipping containers Los Angeles | California

Port Containers USA aren’t just one of the largest and most respected suppliers of premium shipping containers in Los Angeles but also operate throughout California and beyond. Shipping Containers Los Angeles distributes our standard Conex boxes or any of their specialized variations for purchase or rental.

Fast Delivery Across Los Angeles and California

Port Containers USA have a steady stream of shipping containers, ready to deliver to any location in the City of Los Angeles or beyond, provided we can manoeuvre our trucks there. Whether you run a yacht chandlers in Long Beach and need somewhere secure to keep rope and sails, or manage a film studio in West LA and urgently need extra space to house your props, Port Containers have the answer.

A standard 20-foot model from Shipping containers Los Angeles can take a huge payload but we also offer cavernous 45 and 48-footers. We can often rush your order to you within 24-hours.

Shipping containers Los AngelesThe Safest and Most Secure Haulage Option

But our Los Angeles shipping containers really come into their own when it comes to the job they were originally designed for i.e. long-distance and overseas haulage. Built from corrosion-resistant Corten steel, they are watertight and can take anything the Pacific Ocean can throw at them.

Our customers often use our boxes to haul wine from the Napa Valley, plus oranges, strawberries and many other crops grown on the Golden State’s farms; not to mention fresh fish from the sea and the massive output of California’s huge number of mines. Much of this produce passes through the vast container port at Long Beach – now officially the second busiest in the US.

Specialized Containers to Carry Most Loads

You name it and Shipping containers Los Angeles have the box to hold it, including oversized mining equipment and boats, thanks to a wide range of units, including flat racks, high cubes and open tops. You can also rent or buy refrigerated or insulated shipping containers for all your perishable loads.

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