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Shipping Containers New Orleans | Louisiana

Whether you need to transport goods or safely store them, Port Containers USA have the best steel shipping containers for sale or rental in New Orleans. With Shipping Containers New Orleans you can choose from our wide range of standard Conex boxes or specialized versions for your perishable or awkwardly shaped loads.

Do You Need A Shipping Container Delivering Fast?

Port Containers USA have large stocks of intermodal shipping containers available for immediate rental or purchase, and we promise a rapid shipping container delivery service throughout New Orleans, from Gramercy to Scarsdale. We also have an extensive, coast-to-coast network of supply depots.

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Your Oversized or Perishable Loads Handled With Ease

The Port of New Orleans is the fifth-largest in the US by volume of cargo handled each year. Many loads are awkward and require non-standard shipping containers. Shipping Containers New Orleans supply several options, including open top, flat rack and high cube.

For perishable loads, like frozen foods, dairy produce and fresh fish, we recommend our refrigerated boxes, also known in the trade as ‘reefers’. These shipping containers will keep cargo at a set temperature range for long periods, even on sea voyages. For less vulnerable loads, like rice and grains, our insulated containers help to maintain an ambient temperature and suppress condensation.

Safe and Secure Storage Facilities

All our New Orleans shipping containers are made from rust-retardant, Corten steel, which keeps weather and waves at bay, and deters thieves. For particularly valuable loads, we suggest fitting lock boxes and alarm systems to deter any thieves and avoid any issues.

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