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Shipping containers Seattle | Washington

Port Containers USA are the #1 supplier of affordable, intermodal shipping containers in Seattle, Washington, the third busiest port in the country.

Port Containers USA offer Seattle buyers a comprehensive range of intermodal Conex boxes, plus top quality Corten steel shipping containers of all types, including versions for your perishable or oversized/awkward loads, in a wide selection of sizes up to 48-feet.

We deliver citywide, from Olympic Hills in the north down to Rainier Beach in the south, and throughout Washington State.

Shipping containers Seattle-containers for sale-green 40 foot Conex boxContainers Suitable for All Your Storage and Haulage Needs

Seattle is not just one of the tech capitals of the US, home to Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, it also acts as a funnel for all the great lumber and other produce coming out of the surrounding forest regions, and is a major food processing centre for the northwest of the States.

Our shipping containers come in lengths up to 40-feet, making them ideal for keeping lengths of wood dry during transportation. Our refrigerated boxes (reefers) will maintain an even temperature, to prevent foodstuffs, crops and beverages from spoiling. Insulated Conex boxes help to combat condensation, keeping dry goods, soft furnishings, chairs and sofas free from damp and mould during storage.

ISO-compliant, Intermodal Designs Ideal for Export

Our Conex boxes are all intermodal, meaning they can be seamlessly transferred between truck, train and cargo vessel, without the need to unload them every time. This saves on time and manpower. Their Corten steel construction protects loads against wind, rain and high seas. It also deters potential thieves.

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