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Surprising Ways Shipping Containers Are Being Used Today

Versatile and durable, shipping containers have more to offer than simply serving as a mode of transport for goods and materials. In fact, they have become a popular modern design trend, from residential applications to office spaces and storefronts. As more people discover the benefits of shipping container architecture, more creative applications are sure to pop up across America. Have a look at the most surprising ways shipping containers are being used today below.

The Appeal of Shipping Container Architecture

This trend is being fuelled by both function and style. Shipping containers consist of powerful steel. That means they aren’t going to deteriorate over time and are less vulnerable to the elements than other materials are like wood and synthetics.

They are also a more eco-friendly building material than the alternatives. Especially when repurposed, transforming used containers for sale into a home, business or art studio creates a fresh purpose and extends the life of the structure.

Here’s a look at some of the most surprising ways shipping containers are being used today

Luxury Homes

One of the most surprising ways shipping containers are being used today, are the magnificent homes that brilliant architects have created.

Yes, shipping containers aren’t just for tiny homes and affordable housing. They are also used to create luxury homes with an edgy, urban-chic appeal. The container homes movement is not only impacting America, with many countries around the world getting in on the act. Here for example is a great example of a 6,000 square foot Graceville Container House from Australia. Made from a whopping 31 shipping containers, this Brisbane-based mansion became one of the first shipping container architectural feats – and sold for double the cost of the build a few years after it was constructed.

Container Pools

Another of the many wonders in design, is the surprising ways shipping containers are being used today for recreational purposes. Quick to install – you just have to fill up the pool and attach the pumps – and affordable, many homeowners are turning to shipping container pools for a convenient, stylish option. Because you don’t have to turn your backyard into a construction site for weeks whilst an in-ground pool is installed and set up, nor do you need a lot of space to fit an elegant, modern container pool, shipping containers are becoming a practical home aquatics choice.

Portable Stage

For radio stations, event planners and production companies, having a modern, portable stage is a major plus. Shipping containers offer a unique industrial aesthetic, perfect for everything from indie bands to puppet shows and drama. They can be easily transported from one show to the next. The best part is, once the show is over, the steel containers makes a secure storage facility for expensive music and audio equipment.

Already widely shipping containers are being used as shops, cafes and for office fit-outs, the idea of using a shipping container – or several – as a creative, modern building material is catching on. As fascinating as the modular movement is today, what the innovative builders of tomorrow come up with is likely to be even more so.