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Tips for Buying Shipping Crates

Before you buy your shipping crate, make sure you know which container is the most suitable for your needs. How do you know which shipping container will hold all of your stock? Small questions like these can make the difference between an affordable and an expensive move.

Which Size Should You Choose For Your Shipping Crate?

The most helpful piece of knowledge to have before you purchase a shipping container for sale is how much space you’ll actually need. The difference usually comes in length, which can vary from 8-56 feet. Figure out roughly how much stock you need to move, then measure out the dimensions of that stock and plan from there. You can also call a professional from the shipping crate company, as they usually have a rough idea of how many items a crate can hold.

Shipping Crates – Different Types of Access

In some cases, access is what’s really important. Look at cargo containers for sale that have no roof, or can open from the side. This increased access lets you move stock to remote locations, where access from the front isn’t ideal. With an open top, you can easily use a crane to remove items from the crate.

Buy Used Shipping Crates to Save Money

Buying used is a great way to save money on your move. Used shipping crates are basically decommissioned, and often have nothing wrong with them that isn’t cosmetic. You can apply a new paintjob, if you wish, and pack your stock as usual. Used containers can even be outfitted with lock boxes to protect your stock from theft.

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