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When To Use A New or Used Shipping Container

Have you ever felt lost on the decision of when to use a new or used shipping container? A new or used shipping container can be repurposed for a range of practical, and even luxury uses, from waste removal to modern backyard swimming pools. They can be purchased or hired as is, or we can customise them for you. Want a fully ventilated, insulated waterproof steel structure with energy efficient windows and doors? Built-in shelving – or how about a built-in kitchen or bathroom?   

With one of the largest container modification facilities in America, at Port Containers USA, we can customise a new or used shipping container in any way you envision. But, when should you use a new container and when will used containers work well? Here’s an in-depth look at the differences between a new or used shipping container to help you decide which are ideal for your project. 

The Advantages of Used Containers 

Used shipping containers are more budget-friendly. Because they have been used multiple times, generally for shipping cargo and storage, they will have undergone more wear and tear than if you buy or hire new shipping containers in the United States.  

As a result, they are less expensive, making them ideal for projects where a few dents or the fact that the shipping container has been around the block a few times – or around the globe – isn’t an issue. For removals and a lot of worksite applications, like equipment storage and portable workshops, used containers are a smart option. 

Made from steel and built to weather the elements and the years, being used a few times doesn’t have to detract from the function and strength of the container. All of our used shipping containers for sale and hire are in good condition. 

The Advantages of New Shipping Containers 

New shipping containers are always in excellent condition. They are not technically brand new – all shipping containers labelled as new have at least been used once. Calling them ‘one-trip’ shipping containers is more accurate. 

This means, they still offer the sustainability benefits as you are giving a hardy steel structure a new life, but you also get the advantage of working with a like-new container. As new shipping containers have only held basic goods that require a clean environment, nor have they been continually moved from port to port, they are ideal for building container homes, pools and  pop-up shop communities. 

All of our new conex boxes have a fresh coat of paint to prevent steel corrosion and are in exceptional shape. When looks matter, and a one-trip or minimal usage is preferred, new shipping containers offer the full package – versatility, durability, and an attractive, modern building material. 

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