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Port Containers offer quality products, for general storage, specialised equipment and major modified requirements. In addition to our efficient and friendly customer service, if your shipping container isn’t the unit you were initially quoted, or as per your tax invoice we offer a money back guarantee.

When placing an order for your shipping container Port Containers ensure that all details of the container are given to you so you have a good understanding of the product you will receive. We offer information to you online, with descriptions of our several grades of containers and photos of the units so you can determine the best Shipping Container suited for your storage or modified requirements.

We pride ourselves on getting the job right the first time. With modified containers, we have drawings for you to sketch the locations of your scope of works which are passed onto our production team. We build our modified containers to meet your specifications, and guarantee that the container you receive will include you’re scope of works. If you are painting a shipping container, we will also have the selected colour on your quote, whether you are painting one of our standard colours or the special colour of your choice, production will paint the unit to your requirements.

At the slim chance the container that arrives to your site isn’t what you were quoted or invoiced for, we will do everything we can to assist you and get you the container you are after to ensure you are satisfied with our product and services.