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What Bigger Ships Mean for Intermodal Containers

Newer and larger barges mean more goods can be moved all around the world at a faster rate.

A bigger class of ship is coming to the seas of the world, and with it comes more opportunity to efficiently transport goods around the globe. Here are some of the major changes that bigger ships will bring to the world of international shipping.

Higher Ship Capacity

The new class of ship has a much higher capacity than the older barges, but there are several tradeoffs. The Triple-E class of shipping barge will contain the metal of eight Eiffel towers, with the carrying capacity of 18,000 containers. Manufacturers that buy shipping containers will find that the 20 foot size fits best onto these large ships.

Shipping Routes

The Panama Canal has already demonstrated that today’s barges need other trade routes to sail effectively to their destination. Many of these shortcuts may become obsolete. The benefit is that even though the routes are longer, there is opportunity to transport more Intermodal containers with each shipment.

There will need to be more work put into finding new shipping routes where these larger barges will not run aground. That means more money spent on research and development, which also means it may take time before we see more viable routes.

Shipping Port Capacity

Fewer routes mean that more ports will experience a higher capacity of ships waiting to transport goods. This could lead to temporary setbacks as these ships hit the waters for the first time. As we find new routes around the world, however, we may see this improve.

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